Best Over 50 Dating Sites Reviews (2020)

Dating over 50 is often seen as a difficult task. The internet has changed the game now. No longer do you have to worry about the intricacies of dating after 50 years old. With over 50 dating sites you can skip the hassle and find a partner easily and enjoyably. offers a comprehensive review of the best dating sites for over 50 singles seeking to build relationships and even find love. If you are currently considering venturing into 50 plus dating, we are the authority and which sites you should check out for the most fulfilling experience. We only list the top dating sites for senior singles to make the process of finding companionship and even love much easier by helping you avoid all the common frustrations of online dating.

Go ahead and read through our well-researched top 5 over 50 dating sites. Choose the most suitable one that fits your needs based on our review and then sign up to see thousands of senior singles ready to interact and form lasting companionship or love, for those who get lucky enough.

senior match

Senior Match

Whether you have been recently heart-broken or you have been single for a long time, can extend a helping hand in more ways than one. It is one of the largest over 50 dating sites that are available online. With more than 17 years of existence, it has cemented its reputation as one of the best in the online world. Will it be worth your time? Is it going to be an effective platform? Keep on reading and know more about what you can expect from

Top Features

Some of the best features that members can enjoy include the following:

  • Create profile, upload photos, search for users, and chat online
  • Gain access to more than 10,000 senior dating ideas
  • Gain access to the blog for advice of how to succeed in senior dating
  • Gain access to forums and talk to other seniors
  • View hotlists of people who have viewed your profile sent you winks, and those you have chatted before.

In sum, if you are looking for over 50 dating sites, can prove to be a promising choice. Especially, if you sign up for gold membership, it will be an effective platform in looking for other singles, whether it is for casual friendships or serious relationships. It has a long list of features that will allow you to search and filter members. They also offer various resources to help you succeed in online dating.

Overall Rating:5.0/5.0 5 Stars
millionaire match

Millionaire Match

With over 2,836,700 active and attractive singles in the platform, is definitely one of the most popular dating sites for millionaires in the world. It was established back in 2001, and it has been increasing in popularity ever since. But if you are a sugar daddy looking for an awesome date or a sugar baby in search of someone to look up to and depend on, you have come to the wrong place, MillionaireMatch is only for real millionaires. Its exclusive members will blow your mind and offer you the opportunity to choose from a plethora of options.

Top Features

There are quite a few great features that you can use on, so as to find your perfect match. First of all, you can benefit from request to chat. This is actually the first step for you to express your interest for another person. If that person agrees to chat, you are off to the next level.

Date ideas also offer you a way to express how you would like your first date to be. This is a cool option for letting others know what you are mostly interested in. If you share the same interests with somebody, then the relationship can be built on solid ground.

Public comments, on the other hand, can be a great way for others to approach you. You will be able to see these comments on your wall and see who appeals to you. Of course, this is a form of flirting, and therefore you should also use it to add some fine comments on the walls of people you find attractive.

If you are looking for a cool way to find real millionaires, is an excellent option for you. Despite its relatively high cost, it offers a great solution that matches the criteria for both millionaires and those who wish to find their millionaire!

Overall Rating:4.5/5.0 4.5 Stars

Being one of the most popular dating sites in the United States, is great for over 50 singles. has a “make love happen” guarantee that it lives up to. claims to have helped more singles get dates, relationships, and marriages than all other online dating sites. It does have the largest amount of paid users, along with a high success rate of those users. was launched during April 1995, and has been a pioneer of the online dating industry since then.

Top Features of

  • 1. Matches
  • has 2 options under the ‘Match’ Tab. The first option is the ‘All Matches’ which gives you a list of all the profiles of people who are compatible with you. The other is the ‘Daily Matches’ and is the made up of the best profiles that match your profile for that day.

  • 2. Search
  • makes it very easy to search. The ‘Go Search’ is a quick search based on the preferences that you provided during sign up. There is also an option for Custom Search, where you can set specific characteristics. There is also a Reverse Match function that shows a list of people who are looking for people like you. There is also the Mutual Match that only shows you profiles that match your set desired characteristics, and if you match the other person’s profile. has been doing upgrades during the last few years, which has helped it become one of the top dating sites. has many great features, including some of the best search options and the pricing is very competitive. has a huge amount of over 50 singles, so you have good shot at finding many singles in your area. If you are looking to date, is a great option for you.

Overall Rating:4.0/5.0 4 Stars
eharmony dating site


eHarmony is a well-known name amongst the single and dating crowd, but their single senior dating sites are immensely popular with over fifteen and a half million daily users. eHarmony uses their unique eHarmony Compatibility Matching System as the corner stone of their dating service which sets them apart from other dating sites.

Top Features

Right now eHarmony is offering a promo for six months for only twenty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents. They also offer senior dating advice for those that need help dealing with adult children or figuring out what type of date is perfect for the first date.

The use of their unique eHarmony compatibility matching system takes the guess work out of scouring through countless profiles and trying to read between blurred lines to figure out who you may be compatible with. Their system does all of that for you, and you have numerous proven results to know that it actually works.

All in all, eHarmony is outstanding, affordable and has proven results. Who could ask for more than filling out a simple registration online and being paired with your soul mate? eHarmony is one of the best dating sites online where you may meet your next true love.

Overall Rating:3.5/5.0 3.5 Stars
50 plus club


Another big player in the dating sites for 50 plus singles is Overall, it has received a lot of positive feedbacks from actual users from different locations all over the world. Singles who are aged 50 and above are the primary clients of this website helping both men and women to ultimately find their partners through communication and connections. By far, it has received some good feedback for its layout and interactive design, as well as its valuable tools for messaging that attracts more singles to it.

Top Features

While the costs for those who are under subscription may be considered as high overall, when they are compared side-by-side with the features that it offers you can determine that it is a good platform to look for dating opportunities online, meeting new people, and are all worth every penny spent.

Aside from the basic flirting and messaging tools, 50 Plus Club also offers amazing features that can be availed of by 50 plus singles during their extra time. One plus point for this is that they have a 10 MB limit which allows for accepting videos and photos uploaded for every profile. Other dating sites only offer around 5 MB, but it is different here. It does not limit especially when it comes to establishing how you actually look on your profile. With a good amount of 10 MB, you can have more space for you to work on your multimedia.

All in all, 50 Plus Club is a reliable website that can be availed of by 50 plus singles. As a site, it places high regard on confidentiality. Information is well kept and goes under monitoring from the customer support team.

Overall Rating:3.0/5.0 3 Stars

Silver Singles

One of the most well-known dating platforms for seniors is SilverSingles. The service has been around since 2002 and continues to grow. According to the website over 100,000 new users register every month. SilverSingles uses a matching algorithm to help you meet new people for a serious relationship.

To help with the matching process you are given a detailed personality questionnaire. Your responses to this questionnaire are used to help link you with people who are very close matches. On average it takes 15 to 30 minutes to answer all of the questions.

A great feature on SilverSingles is Smiles. Smiles allows you to send users a Smile to show that you are interested. This can often be used as an ice breaker. Just like social media websites you can also comment on photos or profiles to help make the first communication easy.

Safety is important at SilverSingles. You can find at least several places on their website where they talk about the security measures they have in place. Not only can you report suspicious profiles but they have software and features put into place to help safeguard privacy and security. Here are a few of these features: ID Authentication, SSL Encryption, Fraud Detection System, and security staff.

Like with many dating sites there is a free membership available for you to see how many people are available in your area. However, the majority of features on the website are not accessible with this basic membership. You will have to get a paid subscription in order to see other user’s profile photos, leave comments, and contact users. The subscription gets cheaper for the longer you want to subscribe.

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Our Time

OurTime is an over 50 dating site that understands that there has been no better time to date over 50. The site is dedicated to those over 50 who are looking for a new relationship. Unlike other over 50 dating sites, OurTime is designed to celebrate your dating experience. This basis of the site has led to it attracting a large user base that is constantly growing.

A lot of dating websites have an unproportionate number of users. Most often, the number of users is skewed significantly toward male users. OurTime does have more male users but only by 5%. So 45% of users are female. This makes it a lot better odds of finding a match than other dating sites.

Some dating sites don’t restrict the amount of matches you get every day. This leads users to message everyone they can and with that they lose focus on breaking the ice. OurTime gives users a selection of matches every day. Usually around 10 matches. Make sure to log on daily to see your matches and get the most out of the site.

Homepage updates keep you aware of how your matches profiles are changing. This can be found right on your homepage under community updates. By showing you changes like new photos and reminding you of birthdays, you will always be up-to-date and ready to talk to your matches.

For those that aren’t always around their computers, OurTime has a feature called ConnectMe. With ConnectMe you can talk and text with your matches on your phone without giving out your phone number. An extra layer of privacy will help keep you safe and secure.

OurTime gives you access to some features on the site without paying; however, to use the full site you will need to pay. This includes the full ability to communicate with other users. One month at a time is $29.95 and the price goes down from their if you buy multiple months at a time.

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Lumen App

Most senior dating sites are boring. In fact, most dating sites in general are boring. Lumen aims to change that and to bring more life to over 50s dating. Great care was taken during the design of lumen to give it a simple to use interface while making it beautiful. While the website may remind you of Tinder, it isn’t quite the same.

Lumen has a discover tab where you can favorite and message users. Despite this tab seeming somewhat basic at first, every profile is required to have a good amount of detail. At minimum a profile is required to have 3 pictures and a bio. The bio is more detailed than a few words and helps you to find good matches without wasting your time.

One major difference between Lumen and other over 50 dating websites is that it isn’t a website. You can only use Lumen on your Android or iOS smartphone as an app. This may seem somewhat restrictive at first but it helps to reduce the number of fake accounts and scammers. It is far easier to make more accounts on a dating website than on a dating app. This combined with detailed profile verification has almost eliminated fake profiles.

Another verification feature of the app is for your photos. Before your photos get approved you need to take a selfie to prove you are you.

Any members on Lumen can message. Free members can even initiate messaging. The catch is that free members are restricted to 5 conversations a day. Any messages that you receive has to be responded to within 72 hours. This helps to cut down on bulk messages in your inbox. It also helps to keep the dating pool fresh. In addition, initial icebreaker messages need to be at least 50 characters long to help stir conversation.

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Elders Dating

Elders Dating is a website for seniors dating in the US. You will also find that the website has a heavy emphasis on Christian dating but you don’t need to be Christian to use the site. Elders Dating has spent a lot of time at the top of senior dating website lists. It has lost a little ground since other websites have either improved or come around but it remains in the top ten if not the top five on almost all lists.

The website is built with simplicity in mind. Every button either has a very clear graphic for its features or clear lettering. Without fancy detailing, the website flows and it is easy to spot each part of a user’s profile.

On Elders Dating profiles you can see all of the biographical information a member has filled in. In addition to that, you can track your dates and matches on a special tab of their profile. You will see a button that says date tracker, that is what it is for.

One feature that a lot of users like is the enhanced privacy. Elders Dating allows you to make parts of your profile private. That includes your profile pictures. If you have your profile pictures set to private, anyone who is not logged into Elders Dating will just see a picture of a padlock instead.

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tinder for over 50

Tinder for Over 50

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world. With a simple design and a basic idea, it managed to catch the attention of almost everyone. Unfortunately, Tinder doesn’t work well for those over 50. The Tinder population isn’t high and there are too many people just looking for hookups. Tinder For Over 50 isn’t Tinder, instead it is a website that allows you to meet singles your age.

The first thing that Tinder For Over 50 promises is a safe and private platform for their users. You can’t access user profiles or view any of the backend without first registering. This helps to keep users anonymous to the general public but also to prevent data mining of your personal information. When browsing other users you will also find that they do a good job at keeping away fake profiles and bots.

Maturity and respectfulness are two major focuses of the Tinder For Over 50 website. They want to take two of the most uncommon things on dating sites like Tinder and make them a regular trait. Taking dating back to what it used to be.

Tinder For Over 50 is powered by Senior Match and with such a big name behind it, you know that you are getting a quality site. The Senior Match brand will not step up and work with any website. They have an established brand and wouldn’t risk damage.

Over 50 dating sites have popped up around the internet in the last few years. While some of these sites are great, there are many more that are either scams or not worth your time. To help simplify your search for a partner we have created this list of the top 5 over 50 dating sites. We handpicked each one for its quality, reliability, and popularity. Take a look at each one and decide which one is right for you.

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