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Another big player in the dating sites for 50 plus singles is www.50plus-club.com. Overall, it has received a lot of positive feedbacks from actual users from different locations all over the world. Singles who are aged 50 and above are the primary clients of this website helping both men and women to ultimately find their partners through communication and connections. By far, it has received some good feedback for its layout and interactive design, as well as its valuable tools for messaging that attracts more singles to it.


The basic features are free to members. The services that can be availed of under free membership is creating a profile, visiting the profiles of other members, receiving messages, as well as basic search tools. Basic members can also get in touch under subscription plans.

Still, just like other 50 plus dating sites, the 50 Plus Club also offers advanced features for members who choose to pay for subscriptions monthly. This includes the following:

  • $154.80 – 12 months
  • $89.40 – 6 months
  • $59.70 – 3 months
  • $24.90 – 1 month

Top Features

While the costs for those who are under subscription may be considered as high overall, when they are compared side-by-side with the features that it offers you can determine that it is a good platform to look for dating opportunities online, meeting new people, and are all worth every penny spent.

Aside from the basic flirting and messaging tools, 50 Plus Club also offers amazing features that can be availed of by 50 plus singles during their extra time. One plus point for this is that they have a 10 MB limit which allows for accepting videos and photos uploaded for every profile. Other 50 plus dating sites only offer around 5 MB, but it is different here. It does not limit especially when it comes to establishing how you actually look on your profile. With a good amount of 10 MB, you can have more space for you to work on your multimedia.

Pros and Cons

What most users really like about this dating site is that it gives more features, with its 10 MB limit, compared to the 5 MB offered by others. Basic members enjoy all the basic features that go along with it, while monthly subscribers get to enjoy other unique features, including a senior chatroom, joining forums and discussions, local groups, magazines, and others.

On the other hand, some say that this amount is generally expensive for those who pay a monthly subscription. However, if you look into it positively, every additional feature is worth every penny spent.


All in all, 50 Plus Club is a reliable website that can be availed of by 50 plus singles. As a site, it places high regard on confidentiality. Information is well kept and goes under monitoring from the customer support team.