Best Over 50 Dating Apps Reviews (2020)

Looking to retake the journey in the land of romance but don’t know where to start? Dating over 50 can be a challenge that unfortunately too many people think they have no hope of overcoming. That’s why we’re trying to spread the message of love by raising awareness about all of the wonderful online dating opportunities out there through the use of senior dating apps.

You don’t have to be alone, love always prevails and these over 50 dating apps will be the perfect place to start searching for happily ever after so you too can find your perfect soulmate to spend your life with!

We’ve searched far and wide for the best options available for online meetings that are sure to give you what you’re looking for in a fun and convenient way that’ll save you the hassle and confusion of dating through a whole new medium! In no particular order, we suggest the following services for your consideration.

senior match app


Finding love can be hard at the later years in life but thankfully there’s a wide variety of over 50 dating apps out there to help ease the burden of making a new relationship; and Senior Match is one of the best! A great and solid choice to help you find the budding love you’re looking for, this is a dependable service available at an affordable price!

Almost two decades old, Senior Match has a wealth of experience matching seniors up with their potential partners. Being one of the original senior dating apps, Senior Match knows it’s field very well and has evolved and adapted to provide a streamlined and comprehensive dating method that’s sure to work out for anyone who tries it without tripping you up with slow and complicated process that other dating apps can fall prey to.

Dependable and efficient in everything from it’s algorithms, to it’s easy to use site design; you truly can’t go wrong with an old and dependable service like this one. It’s standard service offers a wide variety of features to help you get started in setting up your profile and finding matches, with anything more in depth costing the full price of the premium membership.

All in all, this straightforward service should help you on your road to love and will hopefully find you what you need before you start feeling tempted to look at some of the other, pricier alternatives out there. The higher cost competition may offer you more bells and whistles but Senior Match proves that a simple yet reliable system is all you need sometimes to find what you’re looking to love in life!

Features and benefits to this service include:

  • 18 years of experience helping seniors find their perfect love connection!
  • One of the original and largest senior dating apps in the world!
  • Dependable and affordable, a straightforward service!

Cost breakdowns per month are as follows:

  • 1 Week - $7.99
  • 1 Month - $34.99
  • 3 Months - $69.99
  • 6 Months - $109.99

Overall Rating:5.0/5.0 5 Stars
millionaire match app


Millionaire is the perfect solution for those seeking an upscale dating experience filtered to high class individuals looking for similar potential dating options. While much more selective about it’s clientele, this is a great option for people interesting in meeting people with familiar backgrounds and life experiences that can be very hard to replicate on a day to day basis.

It’s no secret that not everyone out there is acting on their best intentions when going after successful people with too much to risk on simple dating. This service seeks to cover that and provide the peace of mind that the more sensitive members of society require to maintain their best interests without missing out on life’s greatest journey.

While the cost for this service might be higher than the competition, you get what you’re paying for with a wide variety of site features and quick results to get started on your journey for true love!

Potential dating partners include everything from successful businessmen, doctors and lawyers to notable figures like actors, musicians, writers and so much more to ensure a vibrant selection of some of life’s greatest individuals from all ages and walks of life!

Never worry about your safety and integrity again through Millionaire Match’s curated dating pool, efficient app and site as well as a success record that’s nothing to scoff at! Try it today and see why Millionaire match is a leading senior dating app that’s sure to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Features and benefits to this service include:

  • A diverse, yet high class community of people looking for like-minded people for selective dating!
  • Safety and discretion for wealthy individuals looking for a real relationship!
  • Decades of experience catering to wealthy singles worldwide with a stunning success record!

  • 1 month - US $70.99
  • 3 months - US $139.99
  • 6 months - US $244.99
  • 12 months - US $399.99

Overall Rating:4.5/5.0 4.5 Stars
eharmony app


One of the best over 50 dating apps is also one of the most popular dating sites in the world which you’ve almost certainly heard of! Eharmony boasts one of the world’s largest communities for online dating that’ll ensure a plentiful and diverse pool of potential candidates to fulfill anyone and everyone’s desires and standards for new relationships.

Featuring their patented 29 Dimensions Personality Assessment matching algorithm that includes over 150 questions across a wide variety of topics and personality traits, eharmony promises to make your love connection as successful and easy as possible.

With decades of experience, eharmony is a great option for anyone looking to get into online dating with as little hassle as possible with no experience required! Their site is easy and convenient to use with a streamlined designed that’ll help keep you focused at all times so you can spend more time browsing all of the possibilities and find your perfect match.

With a great and even split between sexes, you never have to worry about facing a drought of potential candidates. A downside can be it’s heftier than usual cost when compared to other online senior dating apps out there that are more sensitive to your wallet. But on the flip-side, with it’s satisfaction guarantee and 3 free month offer for dissatisfied users, eharmony really will try to earn it’s cost and will stop at nothing to find you that special someone you’ve been longing for all your life.

As a popular and well respected dating system it’s hard not to recommend giving eharmony a try to see what wonderful results it might provide.

Features and benefits to this service include:

  • Access to their in depth 29 Dimensions Personality Assessment matching algorithm!
  • One of the world’s largest online dating services!
  • A great split between users of both sexes to guarantee variety of choice!

Cost breakdowns per month are as follows:

  • 24 Months - US $238
  • 12 Months - US $227
  • 6 Months - US $240
  • 6 Months - US $240

Overall Rating:4.0/5.0 4 Stars
silversingles app


One should never despair on their quest for true love for there are thousands of senior dating apps out there that will help anyone find that special someone they’ve been looking for! Silver is one of the greatest and most dependable over 50 dating apps out there with years of experience, a hardworking team of experts and an affordable, all inclusive price that comes together to form one of the Internet’s most comprehensive online dating services!

Silver Singles caters to any individual looking for romance with no restrictions with a fully featured and proven service that focuses on reliability and thorough analysis of you and your potential candidates’ tastes and wants to ensure that positive matches that stay positive.

The site is easy to navigate and use with a quick and efficient sign up process that’ll get you started as quickly as possible. The Ui is clean, finding matches and sending messages is as simple as you would want it and nothing is hidden behind a complicated maze of links and pages.

The free membership is essentially a trial of sorts that lets you access the site and build a basic profile to help you get a taste of what the service can offer you. If you’d like better and more direct method of communication as well as access to a search function though, you’ll need to pay for Silver Single’s premium membership. The cost is fair for what is an all around solid choice for your relationship matches.

Worth a try for anyone over 50 looking to start their new journey in life!

Features and benefits to this service include:

  • Simple to use and with satisfying results, overall a very dependable online dating method!
  • Caters to any and all individuals looking for love with no restrictions!
  • Reasonable price with various payment plans available!

Cost breakdowns per month are as follows:

  • 12 Months - US $300
  • 6 Months - US $210
  • 3 Months - US $135

Overall Rating:3.5/5.0 3.5 Stars
lumen app

Lumen App

Lumen claims that the typical senior dating app can be very boring and generic with not much in the way of exciting and meaningful forms of communication and bonding. Lumen seeks to change all that by spicing up the formula to provide a new take on the world of online dating made exclusively for people over 50.

Featuring a unique, more modern and liberated approach to dating, Lumen hopes that people can find their perfect match without worrying about running into the same old, same old experiences that other services can churn out at times.

This app tries to work around you as a person to help you find your true partner in life with it’s fully featured premium service as well as an optional, more trial like free membership. One of the advantages of Lumen is it’s more flexible and affordable payment options that feature a lot more options in just how long you’d like to stay subscribed to their service as opposed to getting locked down for years for something that you hopefully won’t need to use that long.

All in all this is a great and worthy new competitor to the world of over 50 dating apps that hopes to shake things up and help provide people with new experiences, results and maybe one day, deliver true love to all the dreamers out there. Give it a try, you can’t go wrong with Lumen’s sturdy and dependable service!

Features and benefits to this service include:

  • A fresh and exciting new take on over 50 dating!
  • One of the fastest growing services out there for online matchmaking!
  • Flexible payment plans for better control over your memberships!

Cost breakdowns per month are as follows:

  • 6 Months - US $99.99
  • 3 Months - US $71.99
  • 1 Month - US $35.99
  • 1 Week - US $11.99

Overall Rating:3.0/5.0 3 Stars